Clark University student, 2 others die in Haiti car crash

There’s no such thing as road safety in Haiti, sadly deadly car crashes are par the course in that country, as anyone familiar with it knows. It’s rare for events in Haiti to make the news here, and I’m sad it took losing people from my alma mater for this to be brought to local attention, my prayers and condolences are with the families and the departments involved. Every time a crash shows up on the news in America, I only hope it brings us one step closer to something being done about it. Usually the furor over it dies down after a short time, but maybe this can galvanize the Clark community into taking a stand for safety, though accomplishing anything there is like one step forward, ten steps back.

Failing to live up to the rules you hold over others

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon claims diplomatic immunity for the UN against the charge that it caused the cholera outbreak in Haiti & will therefore not answer to the case against it. 

They’re not following the very convention they’re invoking.

Article V, Section 20 of the Convention he’s using to shield the UN from answering to it says its his duty to waive immunity in any case where the immunity would impede the course of justice.

And Section 21 reads: “The United Nations shall co-operate at all times with the appropriate authorities of Members to facilitate the proper administration of justice, secure the observance of police regula- tions and prevent the occurrence of any abuse in connection with the privileges, immunities and facilities mentioned in this Article.”

Here’s the convention:

A plight that’s unfortunately only talked about on painful anniversaries

TV news may have a short attention span, but we shouldn’t. Three years ago Haiti lost 200,000 lives needlessly, exposing the danger poverty, cronyism, corruption & graft pose on people to the public mindshare who had pretty much always turned a blind eye to the poorest nation in our hemisphere. 

In the aftermath where people believed a bright future was possible those same problems were allowed to fester & grow, the involvement of the people of Haiti continued to be ignored & the UN who went there to “help” callously caused an epidemic of cholera with lazy disposal of waste in the river that gives life to the fragile country’s agriculture, a disease so easily treated in the first world has taken thousands of additional lives in agony & become so endemic there now given the floodplain that most of the country calls home & the lengthy rainy seasons. 

It goes to show unfortunately that lack of respect for the sanctity of all lives & cultures by governments, builders, aid organizations, & the public at large can make life so much tougher for some while the rest of us just look away.

Everyone has it in them to help others, & that starts by learning about where others are coming from, what the underlying causes of issues are, & offering your expertise with the collaboration and consideration of the other. You don’t have to be rich, or have a lengthy educational background or have all the time in the world, it can be as simple as lending an ear to someone in trouble or upset, or spending time with people in a new environment or volunteer situation. But give of yourself, your time & respect are the most valuable assets you have, & we’re all going through this together, it’d be a shame if we didn’t use the time we had to make it easier for someone else.