“A Fine Play” or a Public Nuisance? Conflicting views on The War of the Worlds

On October 30, 1938, the popular Mercury Theater broadcast a radio play directed by Orson Welles, entitled “Invasion from Mars.” This adaptation of H.G.Wells’ novel “War of the Worlds” dramatized a surprise attack on a town in New Jersey. Many took the radio play to be real — causing widespread panic. Not everyone took to the streets however, and many, like the writer of the first letter, felt that others were overreacting.
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What would you have done upon hearing Welles’ broadcast?  Take to the streets, pick up the phone, or sit back and enjoy some good radio drama?

I’m a huge nerd for stop-motion, I’d love to learn how to really get into it myself (in my spare time I’m actually storyboarding such a project), but in the meantime you’ll see me geek out on sharing other people’s works. This project from Vimeo user Salon Alpin combines stop motion flawlessly with CG animation for an endearing story about the world’s books can take you to, with a personified bookmark as the protagonist. Check it out!